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Tie Factory 

Welcome to Tie Factory.

All our neckties are 100% Silk. Made and exquisitely handcrafted from the most luxurious Silk Woven and Silk Jacquards. 

Each necktie is the product of painstaking attention to quality and detail. Once you wear these beautiful neckties, you will be back for more. We guarantee you will not be disappointed in the quality. 

Our neckties must possess all these qualities:

The Design specially from Como, Italy. The Making preferably by hand for either the cutting, The Assembly, or the Finish with the inside either wool or cotton and sewn in a certain way, which gives the tie suppleness. The Cut should be 3 or 7 folds always cut on a bias, which stops it from screwing. The Shape possess a half bottle shape that enables a much more becoming knot with a small touch of refinement, which is known as the "drop" or The Interlining the piece of material, most often raw wool blend , inserted inside the envelope of the tie to give it body and shape. Three-Fold or Seven-Fold Production A tie without an interlining where it is firmness and shape are assured by the quantity of silk itself and the number of folds utilized in making the tie. Utilizing any if not all these techniques in the production of neckwear makes the fabric so wonderfully elegant that each silk tie truly takes on its own personality. Keep in mind the tie is the first item of clothing noticed in a business wardrobe. There are four elements to a well-dressed man, the suit, shirt, shoes and tie, don't risk 25% of the overall look with a generic tie.

NEW….We have expanded our business!!!!! Not only are we online but have a new satellite space in a new location in Los Angeles, and we are also in the San Francisco Bay Area. Come visit us as we continue to provide QUALITY NECKTIES, QULAITY SERVICE and QUALITY DETAIL to our craft. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you. 

          San Francisco Bay Area Location: 

1900 Lafayette Street, STE 105, Santa Clara, CA 95050 
  Toll-Free 1-800-381-5656